RM Academy
In-Company Training

In-company training

At RM Academy we adapt our training courses to the needs of the hotel manager, through a joint diagnosis to identify how to improve the results, set objectives and assist in the construction of your Revenue Management project.

To achieve this purpose, RM Academy has developed several in-company training courses. They are personalized according to the specific requirements and characteristics of each company, being possible to adapt all the modules, from the beginners to the advanced training, according to the needs of each reality.

Once the needs are diagnosed and the company’s objectives are outlined, a personalized training proposal is prepared, depending on the level of knowledge of the company’s participants.

Since our focus is always on the client, it is our concern to ensure that we suggest the appropriate training, with a trainer adapted to the needs of each element and with the right requirements and content. Therefore, once the personalized training proposal has been conceived, we follow four steps:

- Meet with the HR Manager;
- Assessment to the participants to better understand the training level to apply;
- Appoint the ideal trainers, taking into account the chosen theme and the business sector;
- Submit the final proposal for approval.

The packages that we have vary from 50 hours max, from 50 hours to 100 hours and more than 100 hours.