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Who we are

Who we are

At RM HUB, we anticipate needs and strategies to generate opportunities.
We are a reference in the area of training and consulting in Revenue Management & Sales.

RM Hub

We are irreverent, fearless, unique and always in the constant search to find the disrupting element for our customers. This is our day-to-day mission, project by project.

RM Hub

Our history

Founded in 2018, as RM Academy, RM HUB since the beginning has established itself as the 1st and only Academy of RM training in Portugal with trainers of excellence, and with solid partnerships, providing trainees with training of unparalleled quality and of a quality undoubtedly superior to that was available until then.

During this process we were recognized by the national and international hotel markets, in such a way that the need to offer more than training arose and in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, during the year 2020, we started a new business model, Consulting. In 2021 RM HUB was born, consisting of RM Academy, RM All-In-One (consulting) and RM Accelerate (new business area related to sales representation).

Today we experience a constant need to innovate and challenge daily, by investing in new business areas, new partnerships, new technologies and new organizational models. The company’s recent history is the result of a vision, but also of the ability to see opportunities, to constantly reinvent ourselves, to adapt to the constant changes brought about by fortunately not as frequent realities as this public health crisis.

This is our DNA, this is our commitment to customers, employees and suppliers, commitment to resilience, innovation and focus.

RM Hub
RM Hub


We want to be recognized for the Efficiency, Quality and Innovation that we dedicate to the evolution of a constantly changing market, assuming us as a reference in our area of operation.


We want to reflect the knowledge, assertiveness and innovation in our projects in a permanent and positive way in people’s quality of life and their results.